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Lewis County, Washington – April 25, 2023

Internet expansion project in Winlock enters engineering phase

CHEHALIS –The Lewis County Commissioners received an update from ToledoTel Vice President and COO Dale Merten Tuesday morning on their public-private partnership to expand high-speed internet services in and around Winlock. Using a $23.5 million competitive grant it secured from the Washington State Broadband Office, Lewis County launched efforts to extend internet service to more than 2,300 homes and businesses in the Winlock area. ToledoTel will contribute up to $2.3 million as the county’s partner in this major infrastructure project.

ToledoTel is leading the construction of the broadband fiber optic network. The biggest news is the project is now underway with engineering in full swing.

“In the next few weeks, locals will see Vantage Point Engineers in town finalizing the project specifications before construction starts in the late fall,” Merten said. “With a solid start this year, we should have this project completed late next year with customer installations starting in the summer of 2024.”

At the completion of the project, which is expected to run through 2024, the County will own the broadband infrastructure. ToledoTel will use the fiber optic lines to connect businesses and homeowners to internet service.

CLICK HERE to view the project area and see if your home will be eligible for services through ToledoTel.