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Video Freedom

These days, people don’t want one TV provider–they want many. With streaming services offering their own original content, a catalog of movies and TV shows, multiple streams, DVR services, and more, customers can select what works best for them.

At ToledoTel, we’re here to help our customers have a great streaming experience. With a 100% fiber connection and equal download and upload speeds up to a Gig, you can experience seamless streaming of the shows your family wants.

My Bundle TV

There are many streaming services out there to handle all of your viewing interests, but sometimes it’s challenging to know which platforms are right for you. Some charge a monthly subscription, some are free, and some charge for each show you rent. Some offer a variety of programming, while others are very niche. Being intentional when selecting streaming services can save you money, while ensuring you have the experience you want.

MyBundleTV takes your streaming needs into account to create personalized packages designed just for you. And it’s free!


There’s never been a better time to get all your television programming via the internet.  Let us answer your questions and get started today.

What do I need to stream video in my home?

To have an enjoyable streaming experience in your home you’ll need three things: a quality internet connection with fast download and upload speeds, a streaming device, and accounts with a streaming service(s).

I don’t know which streaming service is best for me. How do I choose?

The best part about streaming video is that you can select services that have the shows you want. These services have improved a lot of the years and many offer local programming, playback options, DVR, content that is available on demand, original shows and more. Whether you are attached to a certain show or want to stay within a budget, there are services, like MyBundle.TV and that can help you find the best services to meet you needs.

If I have a Smart TV do I need another device to stream?

If you have a Smart TV, you will most likely be able to add the streaming service apps directly to your TV. If you don’t have a Smart TV, a streaming device will be the bridge between your internet connection and TV. They are affordable and simple to use. Popular options include: Amazon Fire Cube, Amazon Fire Stick 4K, Roku Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast Ultra, and Apple TV 4K.

I want local programming. What are my options?

Some streaming services now offer local programming, like YouTubeTV and CBS All Access. An HD antenna is a non-streaming service related option to catch off-air signals. These can easily be purchased from an electronics store and are typically under $40.

I’m not great with new technology. Can ToledoTel help me?

Our team enjoys showing customers how technology can work for them. If you have an issue setting up your streaming services or devices, we may have resources that can help. Give us a call.

I’m tired of buffering and pixilation when I stream a movie. How can I improve my family’s streaming experience?

There are several potential factors that can impact your experience, including the equipment you’re using, the number of connected devices, and the speed of your internet. We can help you identify where potential problems may lie and resolve those with you.

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