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What is FTTH?

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Sometimes referred to as fiber-to-the-business, fiber-to-the-premise, or some other variation, it’s really all the same thing. Fiber-to-the-home, or FTTH for short, is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from an internet service provider’s switching equipment to a home or business.

This method of delivery just happens to be the biggest and most important development in technology infrastructure.

Right now, there are very few companies doing what we’re doing. There are a few metropolitan areas around the United States with FTTH networks, and some companies’ services, such as Google Fiber™ and Verizon Fios©, are getting a great deal of press coverage–but those companies only serve select areas in major metropolitan markets. Additionally, there are companies that have added fiber to their networks without being true FTTH networks.

ToledoTel has brought 100% FTTH to everyone in our Toledo “864” area telephone exchange, covering 388 square miles with true FTTH.

Why should I care about FTTH?

You may think you have enough speed for how you use your service and may wonder, “Why all the hype?” For the most part, the hype is about the long term benefits and opportunities that fiber brings. Here are some reasons to be excited about FTTH coming to our community:

In general, easy access to utilities makes property more valuable, and FTTH is a high-value utility that many people want to have. Fiber access makes property easier to sell and rent, and buyers and renters are willing to pay a premium when FTTH is available.

With FTTH, services can be brought to Toledo that would otherwise be unavailable or inconvenient without traveling long distances. Examples of these service benefits might include the ability to telecommute or work from home, as well as telehealth or telemedicine services, interactive online learning, remote operations of complex equipment, and much more. In short, FTTH increases the quality of life, especially for citizens of rural communities.

FTTH communities become locations where people want to live and do business. There’s growing evidence that FTTH encourages businesses to stay, and helps businesses grow and become more productive. And having FTTH in the community can attract new businesses, particularly in high-tech industries–which, in turn, creates new opportunities, such as data centers, while supporting start-up and home-based businesses. New opportunities in education, healthcare, and delivery services help create more vibrant and thriving communities. FTTH makes communities more attractive places to live, especially for young people, which can greatly reduce the population loss that many small communities experience. Of course, FTTH is only one component of a successful economic development strategy, but it’s a vitally important one.

How do I know if FTTH is available at my location?

If you live in ToledoTel’s “864” service area, FTTH is available to you now. If you’re unsure about being located in our service area, call to inquire at 360-864-4552.