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VoIP Business Telephone Systems

ToledoTel’s VoIP business telephone system is a cost effective alternative to a traditional telephone system. It’s ideal for any size business or organization, and is especially cost effective for a business with multiple locations.

Our service is available anywhere broadband is available in Southwest Washington state.

Why you should consider a VoIP system from ToledoTel

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VoIP business telephone systems are quickly becoming the industry standard for business telephone systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) business telephone systems are quickly becoming the industry standard for business telephone systems. Whether you’re a small, two-phone office or an institution with multiple locations, you’ll find significant savings and convenience by switching to an IP business telephone system.

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What you can expect


How can something with such robust technical capabilities be more economically feasible? Simply put, it takes a lot less hardware. All your voice needs are managed on your existing internet network with only minimal hardware requirements other than the simple-to-use telephones.


Changes and flexibility are no problem with an IP telephone system. If you want to add or reduce your number of phone sets, it’s as easy as plugging and unplugging the phones. Your system can grow with your business without the fear of needing a new system or an expensive upgrade. And if you have multiple office locations, an IP business system allows you to conveniently connect and manage all locations as a single system.


You get the convenience of a flexible feature-rich business system without any support hassles. As long as you use our system, we’ll support it. This includes taking care of all of your system’s technical support needs, software updates and making sure your staff knows how to use it.

Thank you for the excellent customer service
Cal Dowd | Prographyx
Toledo’s workmanship is excellent and projects are always completed in a timely manner. I can recommend Toledo Telephone without reservation.
Jim Forrest, Superintendent | Adna School District
Our Toledotel representative has been very helpful and informative with my request for advice on switching my company over to VOIP. I feel confident that this will help my company grow and at the same time allow us the opportunity for more remote capabilities.
Duane Bryant, President | Bryco Inc.

Get more. Spend less.

A ToledoTel VoIP business telephone system is everything you should expect from a modern business phone system without the high cost or hardware hassles. We provide your equipment, installation and programming, training, and your phone service.

ToledoTel is delighted to provide a free, no-strings-attached consultation for a customized IP solution for your business, no matter where you’re located in Washington state. Give us a call at 360-864-4552 to learn more about solutions for your business.

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