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ToledoTel is a family owned Local Exchange Carrier headquarted in Toledo, Washington, USA. ToledoTel provides facilities based telecommunications and broadband services to Toledo and other communities in Washington State.

For almost a century the Ramsey family has lead ToledoTel. Much in communications technology has changed, but little has changed in the organization’s purpose of connecting people and enriching the community. All services are delivered over our state-of-the-art network, and backed by professional customer service and local technicians.

ToledoTel’s strategic vision is to build an end-to-end network of fiber optics that entails redundant routes throughout the Northwest Region, as well as direct fiber connections to the customers’ premises. Our network allows us to provide the latest in voice, broadband data, and media services such as, high speed Internet, over-the-top applications, special access circuits, and hosted solutions for business and public institutions. We feel this commitment to infrastructure benefits our local economy, which will be more and more dependent on telecommunications and Internet services in the future.

History – From Farmer Lines to Fiber Optics

In 1906, the Home Telephone Company was granted the right to erect, maintain and operate a telephone business in Toledo. In 1910, an ordinance was passed by the council which gave the Farmers Independent Telephone of Salkum a franchise. For a short time, two telephone companies operated in Toledo. In 1915, George Blair was owner and operator of the Toledo Telephone Company and later Roy O. Jackson became a partner. In 1918, his interest was sold to his sister-in-law, Mrs. Jesse Jackson.

L. J. Weatherwax purchased the Toledo Telephone Company in 1920, and called it the Toledo Telephone Exchange which he operated until 1936. At this time he sold to Allen Fletcher of Nampa, Idaho, who operated it for only a few months. Mr. Weatherwax took over again until 1938 when he sold to R.B. Cummings of Forest Grove, Oregon. His sister-in-law, Orvilla Ramsey, was named Manager. There were 150 subscribers.

Mrs. Ramsey managed the company until 1943 when she married Elof F. Roselle, who took over as plant superintendent. In 1944, the Roselles purchased the Telephone Exchange from Mr. Cummings. In 1948 it was moved from the location on Silver street to Cowlitz street. At this location bordering Highway 99, a new building was erected for the new dial equipment. The cut over to dial took place on August 6, 1952, with 429 subscribers.

In July of 1951, The Toledo Telephone Company was incorporated. In 1959, Glenn Ramsey, son of Mrs. Roselle, returned to work for the company.

The storm on Columbus Day, 1962, demolished the major part of the aerial plant outside the city limits, with no appreciable damage within. Many weeks were spent rebuilding. In 1966, the company cut to direct distance dialing.

The business office was moved out of the Roselle home to downtown Toledo in 1970. A new headquarters was erected on South 2nd in 1973, which today houses both the central office and the business office. The outside plant was 99 percent buried in 1974.

In June of 1984, Elof F. Roselle, longtime president of the Company died. Orvilla Roselle assumed the position of President until her death in 1993.

In 1995, The Toledo Telephone Co., Inc. began its long term strategic vision for future-proofing the outside plant with fiber optics and by 2002 Toledo Telephone was offering high speed DSL to subscribers.

In 2006, Toledo Telephone began providing fiber broadband Internet access in the neighboring communities, via its competitive affiliate, Toledo Telenet.

In 2009, with much of its fiber in place, and redundant fiber routes from Portland to Seattle, Toledo Telephone began upgrading homes and businesses with fiber to the premise and delivering facilities based fiber optic broadband services. Leveraging its soft switch capabilities, Toledo Telephone also began offering hosted voice over IP services to businesses and institutions in Toledo and areas in Southwest Washington and northern Oregon.

In September 2010 Toledo Telephone was awarded a sustainable broadband adoption grant by the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) together with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. The goal of the program is to increase opportunities for broadband adoption for Toledo area residents and Cowlitz Tribal Members. This $2.1 million grant funds a project to provide broadband-related training, access and computers to approximately 750 residents.

In December 2012, Toledo Telephone and Toledo Telenet combined to become ToledoTel.

In January 2010 ToledoTel initiated a major plant project of replacing its entire copper network with fiber optics. In 2015 this project was complete, bringing gigabit fiber (FTTH) to every household and business in its service area. Broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit are now available; providing the bandwidth customers need in the growing global market.

Russell Ramsey is currently President & CEO.

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