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At ToledoTel, it’s not about simply providing service, but the right service. We take the time to help you select the best service to meet your needs and priorities.

We care about how you connect

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At the beginning of a new day, you never know what awaits you–but your success relies on having the right broadband connection. Working from home? Have a student online? Both? With ToledoTel’s symmetrical fiber internet service, you’re ready to handle whatever life throws at you.

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A home phone is not a thing of the past. When staying connected matters, you can’t beat the clarity or reliability of phone service delivered over fiber.

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Streaming Support

With Toledotel’s high speed fiber there’s no need for a dish! Stream your favorite shows from providers like Netflix, Hulu, YoutubeTV and many more.

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Have questions for about ToledoTel or our services? Here are responses to common questions we receive. Your question not answered here? Give us a call at 360.864.4552 and ask away!

Does ToledoTel offer service to my home?

ToledoTel residential service is currently available in Toledo, WA and nearby areas. To see if service is available where you live, check out our coverage map or call our Customer Service.

How do I know what internet package I need?

Determining the right package to meet your needs involves looking at a variety of factors including: the number of connected devices in your home, the number of internet users, the online activities you engage in. Activities like video conferencing, streaming video, and playing graphic-heavy online games can add up quickly in a home with multiple internet users. If you have questions about what speed would be best for your household, ToledoTel’s Customer Service representatives are happy to assist.

Does ToledoTel offer TV service?

ToledoTel made a decision years ago to be a broadband provider, not a TV provider. Our focus is on providing quality fiber service to every home in our service area that will meet the needs of the families we serve—including those who want to stream video. With a multitude of streaming providers available, both free and subscription based, video viewers have many options for receiving the video content they want. ToledoTel’s service, with no data limits and symmetrical speeds, are ideal for a seamless streaming experience. Learn more on our streaming support page.

What happens if I have a service issue after-hours?

ToledoTel provides 24/7 tech support. If you experience service issues after-hours (or any time!), don’t hesitate to call us at 360.864.8800. During office hours we can be reached at 360.864.6141 and at 360.864.8800 after-hours.

I’m not great with new technology. Can ToledoTel help me?

Our team enjoys showing customers how technology can work for them. If you have an issue setting up your streaming services or devices, we may have resources that can help. Give us a call.

I’m tired of buffering and pixilation when I stream a movie. How can I improve my family’s streaming experience?

There are several potential factors that can impact your experience, including the equipment you’re using, the number of connected devices, and the speed of your internet. We can help you identify where potential problems may lie and resolve those with you.

Thank you for the excellent customer service
Cal Dowd | Prographyx
Toledo’s workmanship is excellent and projects are always completed in a timely manner. I can recommend Toledo Telephone without reservation.
Jim Forrest, Superintendent | Adna School District
Our Toledotel representative has been very helpful and informative with my request for advice on switching my company over to VOIP. I feel confident that this will help my company grow and at the same time allow us the opportunity for more remote capabilities.
Duane Bryant, President | Bryco Inc.

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