VoIP Business Systems

VoIP Business Telephone Systems

ToledoTel’s VoIP Business Telephone System is a cost effective alternative to a traditional telephone system. It is ideal for any size business or organization and is especially cost effective for a business with multiple locations.

Our service is available anywhere broadband is available in Southwest Washington State.

Why Choose a VoIP System from ToledoTel

VoIP business telephone systems are quickly becoming the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes, everywhere. Whether you are a small two phone office or an institution with multiple locations, you will find significant saving and convenience by switching to an IP business telephone system. The following are reasons to consider a switch from your traditional analog system to a Business VoIP Telephone System from ToledoTel.

IP, VOIP, and SIP, like most tech-related acronyms, can be daunting to discern. The “IP” or Internet Protocol in IP phone system refers to having your phone calls routed through your local network (LAN) using your broadband Internet connection. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is simply the protocol used in IP telephony. Voice over Internet protocol or VOIP enabled phones are used on an IP telephone system and look and function very much like a traditional analog PBX or key system, but offer a multitude of advantages.

IP business telephone systems are currently “all the rage” for good reason; they cost less and offer more, for almost all businesses.

Affordability. How can something with the technical capabilities to do just about anything be more economically feasible? The big reason is because it takes A LOT less hardware. With IP a Telephone System there’s very little equipment on location and few phone lines are required. All your voice needs are managed on your existing Internet network with very little hardware other than simple-to-use telephones.

Flexibility. Changes and flexibility are no problem with an IP telephone system. If you want to move a phone to another location, simply unplug it and plug it into another port on your network.  If you want to add or reduce your number of phones sets, it is as simple as plug and unplug. Your system can grow with your business without the fear of needing a new system or expensive upgrade. If you have multiple office locations, an IP business system allows you to conveniently connect and manage all locations as a single system.

Convenience. You get the convenience of a flexible feature-rich business system without any support hassles. For as long as you use our system, we support it.  This includes taking care of all of your system’s technical support needs and software updates.  We make sure your system continues to meet all your needs and we make sure your staff knows how to use it for as long as you keep the service.

IP business telephone systems are quickly becoming the ideal solution for businesses everywhere. If you are looking for scalability, flexibility, affordability and convenience, give us a call at 360-864-4552. ToledoTel is happy to provide a free, no-strings-attached consultation, for a customized IP solution for your business, anywhere in Washington State. Let us be your local telephone specialists, so you can specialize in what you do best.

Get More. Spend Less.

A ToledoTel’s VoIP Business Telephone System is everything you expect from a modern business phone system without the high cost or hardware hassles.  We provide your equipment, installation and programming, training and your phone service. You even get to keep your existing phone number(s). You get a reliable full featured business phone system with all the features of an enterprise type system at a fraction of the cost.  We deliver converged voice and data capabilities, easy to use VoIP phones, and continued customer support and service.

Our VoIP BusinessTelephone systems means you can do what you do best, and we can be your phone company specialist.

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