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Dear Customer, like you—and everyone in our nation and across the world—ToledoTel is watching the news about COVID-19 carefully and doing what we can to respond thoughtfully and responsibly. As your trusted local provider, our priority is being there for you as you navigate this trying time.

Our primary focus is on community health right now, that of our customers and employees. We want to make sure you have access to the services you need more than ever, while we also protect our employees and follow the guidelines set by the state and federal government.

Here are some important things to know during this time:

  1. Our network is ready for this. You don’t have to worry about your internet service during this time. Our fiber network is robust, built with redundancies and safeguards in place for maximum uptime. It can handle the additional demands being placed on it. We are monitoring the network daily and will continue to do what is necessary to be a connection you can count on.
  2. If your service is down, we will fix it. We are still making repairs and installing new service for customers. If a technician needs to enter your home, you can let them inside and they will maintain a safe six-foot distance (following recommended CDC “social distancing” guidelines) from you at all times. Technicians will clean areas inside and outside the house carefully before they leave.
  3. We’re here to serve. To keep our staff healthy, our office has been temporarily closed to the public, but you can still reach us 24/7. Call us at 360.864.4552 or email us at
  4. We are 100% committed to ensuring the community has what it needs during this time. We recognize that these are extraordinary times that call for all of us to respond with compassion and action. For that reason, we are ensuring all families with students receive 100 Mbps internet service for the next two months at no cost to them. This is our effort to support the community, making this challenging time more manageable for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators.
  5. You can lean on us. The situation presented by COVID-19 is affecting people in many ways. If you are struggling with a transition to work from home, setting up online entertainment options, or need assistance with your account, please contact us. We can help.

Our communities, our country, and our world are resilient places. Together, we’ll see our way through this situation and be stronger because of it. Thank you for helping us all stay healthy.

Thank you,

Your friends at ToledoTel